I'm sorry for the negativity, but today is just awful. I'm feeling so depressed and lonely. I don't understand how these intense feelings come on so quickly. Yesterday I was okay, I may have even felt happy for vague moments. But today I just can't stop crying because I'm so lonely and depressed.

God I feel like I'm throwing a pity party. I'm really not. I really just wish I had someone to talk to sometimes so I didn't feel like this every other day. I wish my parents would call me. I feel so silly saying that since I'm 22, but I really am homesick and want to hear their voice, and want reassurance that they still love me and care about me.


  1. <3

    i hope that helps, if even a little. x

  2. ;( honestly i could have written this. i feel like this a lot, and when i was in my third year of university like on the other side of the country it happened a lot. and i hate the feeling, so i understand what you mean. im the same age too ;P i know that they love you though, for sure. but it doesn't help with the homesickness and sad feelings, is there anyone you can just chat with to try to get your mind on something else? or call your parents? i promise the feeling will go away, even if it's really unbearable now. xoxox love

  3. (()Sarah))) That's a virtual hug. I'm sorry you're sad...

    EVERYONE needs love. You're not alone.

    I hope you're feeling better.

  4. I honestly can relate 100%. I feel so lonely and sad lately, and I just can't stop crying. I am here for you. I truly know what you're feeling. (and please know that I don't say "I'm here for you" just to be nice - I mean it)