Dietician (*tw* calories)

I feel like I need to invest in a new dietician. My current one is the campus dietician who specializes in sports nutrition. I find her so unhelpful it's almost triggering, because it's like it give me permission to restrict.

I saw her today and I guess my therapist and/or psychiatrist filled her in on what was happening. She wanted to make sure I was staying hydrated. She knew I had been struggling with food, so she asked what I had back at home to eat.

I told her what I had. And she told me, "that sounds like a pretty good day if you eat it all."

So let me get this...
Breakfast: 2 vegan sausages 180 cal
Lunch: carrots (40) hummus (110), vegan chik'n (120) 260 cal
Snack: (which I have no intention on eating) larabar 190 cal
Dinner: vegan fish fillets (270) broccoli (40) 310 cal
Total: 960 cal (if I actually eat the larabar)

That's a good day? Because a few months ago she told me I should be eating at minimum 2000 cal, and more if I'm working out (which I usually do). So I'm eating less than half of what she had previously recommended for days I don't workout, on a day I'm probably burning at least 500 calories exercising.

And then I brought up the fact that I have trouble with lunch - I forget to pack lunch and freak out at the cafeteria options. I also told her I've been restricting carbohydrates. She told me I could have a yogurt and fruit (that's about 200 cal) or a a sandwich and take the bread off (because that's totally healthy) for lunch.

Also, she doesn't weigh me. I see her every other week, she knows I'm restricting, and she doesn't weigh me. That actually triggers me beyond belief, for irrational reasons so I won't get into it.

She gave me a bag of boosts to drink if I want. If I want. Boosts are about 250 cal.

So if I want I can eat 1210 calories (which is still less than I should be eating). I don't.

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