Not much happened today

I woke up and had an interview with a dietician (trying to find the right fit). Then went back to bed because I was literally so tired I wasn't coherent. Like, I don't know why I was tired, I went to bed at 1am which isn't late for me.

Anyways, I skipped all my classes, which is pretty much going to backfire on me. Then I went to volunteer at the hospital. There wasn't too much for me to do, so I sat at the nurses station most of the time and answered the phone and let people in. I also worked on typing up some devo responses for my blog. Speaking of which, there's a new page with devos in it, if you're interested in reading verses and my reflections.

I had a total of two interviews today, I was supposed to have three but the one we're making up tomorrow.

Anyways, that's as interesting as my day went. I guess that's what happens when you sleep through your day.

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