Veg Fest 2015

First and foremost, thank you everyone who read my blog and has sent me some form of encouragement. I really do appreciate it. While I may not be 100% confident in myself, I wouldn't be going back into a program if I knew I could do this. I know I can't possibly be the only ones with these apprehensions, and it will be good having people in a similar place as me to relate. And maybe people further in their recoveries than me that can give me some hope, and people not as far in their recoveries that I can be a light to.
Now time to post about the DC VEGFEST! I meant to post about it yesterday, but I posted about other things, and then never got around to this. But yeah, I went to the D.C. Veg Fest with my friend Chelsea, and it was a lot of fun. I went last year, and it was totally different (a reminder of how far I've come). Part of it was going with a friend, who pushed me a little bit, and also knowing that I had support if I needed it. Last year I went, and I in a pretty good place, but also in that "just got out of treatment, got to follow my meal plan to a T," and still very socially timid (but I would still talk to people). I don't think I tried any of the samples last year, and ended up just getting lunch to fit my exchanges. This year was more fun, I wasn't as rigid. And while my friend thinks I should have tried more samples, I did what I was comfortable with, and I didn't count the calories in all the samples (huge woah). I even at this ginormous vegan pumpkin sandwich, and didn't care that I could only guestimate the calories in it. I talked to a lot of people, and I really think I gave off that happy cheerful vibe.
That's the kind of person I want to be. I want to be happy and cheerful, and I want it to rub off on other people. Because I genuinely want to see my happiness shine in other people. That's so selfish, I want to be the reason you're happy? Dude. But I want people to be happy, whether I make them happy or not. I just selfishly like knowing that I was a contributor to it. I don't know if that's a bad thing.
Anyways, here are some photos and a video about all the cool samples I got at the veg fest (yeah I gave away my youtube channel, ooops).

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