My first WIAW

This is my first go at this. And I'm almost ever so slightly ashamed to say that one of my biggest motivators in creating my blog was to be able to participate in Peas and Crayons WIAW. Anyways, here's my WIAW.


A huge bowl of Nature's Path Heritage Flakes with Strawberries mixed in (and more on the side) with vanilla almond milk... the sweetened kind.

I had actually just bought the sweetened kind for the first time in my life this week. They had them in little individual containers, so I figured that would be an easy way for me to have my almond milk without having to be all OCD about the measuring and stuff. And to my surprise, I love it! I may have to permanantly switch from my normal original unsweetened to this. :-) Ohh, another thing in which I love about this stuff.... 50% of my recommended calcium.


Cooked acorn squash and parsnips, with a kale and carrot salad on the side with homemade dressing.

The salad actually wasn't all that great. Normally I would like to have more in it, but since I'm going home to Texas on Friday I was basically just using up everything I had left in my fridge. Now the squash and parsnips on the other hand.... I could eat those every day!


A hummus, carrot, tomato, and lettuce sandwich on sprouted rye bread, and a pink lady apple.

I believe that was the first time I have ever tried a pink lady apple. It was good, but the skin was slightly tougher than I like. It could have just been that particular apple though. The sandwich was really good. Its been forever since I've had rye bread, I had forgotten how much I like it!

Alright all, that's enough food obsessing for me for one day. Hopefully for next week WIAW I will come up with some much more exciting meals :-)


  1. I always want to do WIAW and then it comes to Wednesday and I totally forget ahah Im so awful.

    Pink Lady apples are AMAZING, they have to be one of my favourites, except they are so expensive, so I don't get to have them very often.

    Jess. x

    1. They were actually significantly less than the honey crisp (my fav!), which is why I got them. :-)

  2. hi sarah :) your eats look so yummy :) and for almond milk...ah maybe i should try the sweetened kind? i wanted to love it, and maybe i'll acquire a taste for it but i found the unsweetened not nice at all. but i love natural almonds. and also it seemed a bit heavy and i can't find rice milk anywhere that doesn't have added oils. or oat milk. sorry im on a rant here :P but, your cereal looks yum, i love cold cereal and that bowl looks perfect. i must try pink lady apples though, this morning i added some crispin to oats but i find that they lose their sweetness when cooked with hot cereal. i hope you have a nice day though :) xox

  3. Great first post! Welcome to WIAW!

  4. yayyy happy first ever wiaw!!!! <3 hope you had fun and met lots of new bloggers! <3 xoxo

  5. Sarah I'm so glad your blogging! It's fun to hear from you more.