Fall Retreat and Dietitian Stuff

Went on the fall retreat with Cru. It was fun, but I don't really think I "grew" from it. Everyone always talks about growing in their faith on retreats, and I guess I just feel like scripture doesn't make enough sense for me to really get anything out of it. Like I can pinpoint verses in the bible and pick out ones that relate to whatever I want, but I don't understand it in context.

I don't really feel like I connected with anyone. Like everyone was super nice, and I chatted with a few people, but when it comes down to it, I doubt anyone's going to be eager to add me on facebook.

We did have this lady's night thing where we talked about holiness in speech, singleness, dating, and consumption (I thought that was going to relate to me, but no, it was talking about over consumption of anything, whether it be food, or sex, etc.)

We then did an activity where we painted something that we took away from the night. I painted a picture with the scripture 1 Corinthians 3:17 "If anyone destroys God's temple, God will destroy that person; for God's temple is sacred, and you together are that temple." And I felt like that resonated with me, because what I do to my body is destroying God's temple. I mean, I can't just snap my fingers, read the verse, and things will be different, but it's food (no pun intended) for thought.


On another note, I've committed to switching dietitians. I emailed about 20 dietitians (if not more) in the area that say they specialize in EDs. I've gotten quite a few responses and I'm going to interview them with the following Qs
Session length and frequency
Provide billing receipts for insurance
Treatment approach (e.g. Do you use a special approach to treating EDs)
What resources and additional activities do you offer to help support recovery?
Do you personalize your approach per individual and her needs or according to what's not working or what's going well?
Experience with EDs
Do you do meal plans, and if so how do you do them
Will you allow me to keep my current meal plan
Will you collaborate with my treatment team
I weigh X and am 5'0.5 with a bmi of X, can I maintain that weight
How do you work on challenging Ed behaviors (eg restricting carbs, fear foods, counting calories, rituals, intuitive eating, etc)
At what point would you terminate me for being too much or require a hloc
Exercise - how you might coordinate with my trainer or accommodate a healthy exercise program into her nutritional support?
Will you support a vegetarian diet, what about vegan?
Not a determining factor, but are you able to incorporate faith/religion into your practice?
How do you run your sessions (e.g. What should I expect in the initial and follow up sessions?)
Osteopenia (diagnosed over two years ago) - do you recommend ways of preventing further deterioration of bones?

Do you believe full recovery is possible, or that you're always recovering?

I've scheduled quite a few interviews this week. I had one today, but it turned into her learning a little about me, and then scheduling an hour long consultation. It's scheduled for Wednesday. I don't know if I'm going to like her or not, but I'm going to ask her all the questions above and compare her to other dieticians and see if she's a good fit for me. I just want someone who's experienced with EDs, and knows all the tricks I play (because when it comes down to it, I'm very manipulative and am good at running the sessions my way, which obvious isn't helpful).

I'm excited to meet her and see what she can offer me.

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