I like this image, because people are always like "try this guilt-free food" or "I'm so going to feel guilty after eating this," and other phrases like that. But I mean, it's food, you're not committing a mortal sin. In fact, your body NEEDS food to function. And eating a slice of cake once in a while won't kill you (in fact, I had to eat dessert every night for a few months, and I'm still kind of alive). So why should food make us feel guilty, if we're eating it in moderation? I mean, this is still something I struggle with, and I'm sure many people without eating disorders struggle with it too. But wouldn't it be wonderful if ALL foods were guilt free in our minds?

An anon on tumblr asked me:
"You're not trying to lose weight, but you're restricting?"

If you can earnestly ask this same question, you have a lot to learn about eating disorders. I'm too tired to give a long answer to this, just because this question has so much overwhelming content that I could reply with, but hopefully my blog gives some insight into the fact that eating disorders usually don't stem from wanting to lose weight (although they can definitely be part of the many triggers that trigger them).

I didn't do anything of note today. I'm still waiting to hear back from my therapist about that assignment. So I'm pretty anxious about that. I also started a new vLog. I used to have one that I made the first time I got out of treatment, but I hid most of the videos on there because I was kind of triggering to be honest (like talking about weight and stuff). It still exists, but I can no longer log on because I don't have the password or original email that I used to set it up.

That's okay though. I challenge you guys to find my new one (you probably won't - unless you know my old one, in which *hint hint*). I'm probably not going to talk about anything of note on there, since I'm using this. I'll probably just use it for fun.
I have a lot of recovery books that I've skimmed through and never really used. But I might see if some of them have some good journal prompts. I have a faith based one that I started using over the summer, but then got busy and stopped. I might start posting some of those again (I used to post them on my tumblr).

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  1. I get so fed up with people saying certain foods are guilt-inducing or guilt-free. Why should so,e of the most delicious foods be classified as officially bad? We all have those guilty feelings after eating them but they are caused by our illness, they are not true!